"......at least sometimes would find time to enjoy art...."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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Ekaterina Nagaenko

Guide - Interpreter

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

viber/whatapp +7911 910 70 25

About myself:

My name is Ekaterina Nagaenko

I was born in Leningrad in 1983 (the former name of Saint-Petersburg). My grandparents defended the city during the WWII in 1941-45 and were lucky to survive during the Siege. My Granny used to collect all art articles  she could find and wanted me to become an art specialist.

University of Culture and Art 

I have a Master Degree of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Art. My specialzation is a Guide (in Russian and English languages)

CAE certificate 2013

To polish my English skills , I took a course and got my Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English in the year 2013

Tour Guide Excellence Certificate 2015

In the year 2015, I took an on-line course at the Canadian Educational Center (Aquila's Center for Cruise Excellence).

Supplementary education (INTOURIST course)

I had a traineeship to polish my knowledge at the INTOURIST state educational center in 2005 as Mom my did in 90s',

More about my education in the art sphere

I started to attend ballet classes from 4 -14 y.o, also classes at the musical school (piano) from 6 -14 y.o., art school from 13 y.o. Besides I studied at the classical gymnasium from 7-17y.o.  As you can see I had no carefree childhood at all! :-))))


What do I  offer?

Let's plan your visit to SPB , let's plan your tours and entertainments!

Send  me your dates of arrival/departure and I will send you a plan with a couple of advice - about visa issues, what is better to visit, what's about long lines, how far is a venue from your place, how much time you will spend in a museum, how safe it on the streets at nights...

Walking tour in the center of Saint-Petersburg

USD 65 (1-8 persons)

Best stories and best highlights during the tour for approx. 2 hours.


USD 65 (1-5 persons)

Best collections of the World Famous Museum - for 2 hours and more... DAY OFF - MON

Museum tickets are for extra ($19).

Peterhof by Hydrofoil/Car

USD 85 (1-5 persons) by hydrofoil

USD 160 (1-3 persons) by Car

Tour for about 4,5 hours by Hydrofoil or Car The palace doesn't work on MON

Museum and Park tickets are for extra ($35 pp).

Hydrofoil tickets are for extra ($40 pp both ways)

Pushkin by Car

USD 160 (1-3 persons) by Car

Tour for about 4 hours or Car DAY OFF - TUE

Museum tickets are for extra ($19 pp).

Night life of Saint-Petersburg

USD 75 (1-8 persons)

Walking Tour


Kate spent a wonderfull day with me and my girlfriend inside the Hermitage.
She has a very great knowledge about the exhibit shown there and could
explain us a lot. It was absolutles great day, also we spent some hours
waiting in the queue for some time, being with such a good guide evey
minute we waited was enjoyable too. Btw. her English is better as she
believes herself :) Hope next time when I am in St. P we can catch up
again, cause last time did not work out.


Lower Saxony

Kate gave me such an unforgettable private guided tour in the Hermitage!
She is very passionate about the museum collection and the eventful history
of St-Petersburg, knows a lot about it and can tell countless interesting
stories and anecdotes. Thank you so much Kate, for inviting me, for your
charming company and for a most memorable museum visit!



We were met by the lovely tour guide Ekatarina at the cruise terminal
and were then taken to meet our driver and his car. There was only my
wife and me in our group so we effectively had a private tour.
tour started on time and we headed into the marvellous St Petersburg.
Ekatarina was a mine of information and gave a good presentation on the
history of St Petersburg since it was established in 1703. We made
several stops so that we could take some photos and stretch our legs.
The driver ensured that we got safely on and off the people carrier and
was always courteous.
Our favourite sights were St Isaac's Cathedral;
St Peter and St Paul Cathedral and fortress and the The Church of the
Saviour on Spilled blood.
We would highly recommend this tour for anyone who just wants to catch a feeling for St Petersburg and its major sights..



Ekaterina Nagaenko

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